Friday 7 February 2014

Another Seal in Residence!

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I am constantly in quest of the perfect seal photo. Two days ago I was walking across the bridge on my way back from Asda (other supermarkets are available) when I spotted a juvenile seal, still with a lot of its white baby coat visible, sitting on a sandbank just below the bridge, looking up at me with an adorable expression. At last - the perfect seal photo that will bring me fame and fortune! With hands trembling with anticipation I took my camera out of my bag. The battery was dead. They could probably hear my cries of anguish on the other side of the border.

Next day, armed with a fully charged camera battery, I walked out across the bridge again, thinking that there would inevitably be not a whisker of a marine mammal to be seen. Wrong! The seal was there again. Just not in such an ideal position and with a lot of sand messing up its pretty coat. Never mind, these are still my best attempts at seal photos yet. I particularly like the nice diagonals in the one on the right and the way the track of the seal hauling itself across the sand shows clearly.

Two years ago another baby seal was a regular fixture in this spot. We are all wondering if it grew up to become the mother of this new arrival and has now brought its baby back to its own childhood haunts. Some people reckon to have seen an adult seal near this juvenile. So we may have the start of a multi-generational colony beside the bridge, ideally located for gawping at by humans. Welcome, seal neighbours, we love you.

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